Principal's Report

The Term 3 break is a great opportunity for students and staff to recharge and reflect on the term. With the warmer weather upon us and daylight savings due to start soon, it is certainly a great time, and excuse, to spend more time outdoors. I encourage our Year 12 cohort to study consistently and find the right balance between study and wellbeing. Preparing for exams is a marathon - they need to start now. I strongly recommend between two and 2½ hour sessions of study and then a break. It is important to rehearse concentrating for the duration of the exams. Provide family support by having a quiet study space, encouraging your children to eat well, drink plenty of water and maybe incorporate some regular exercise/physical activity over the next six weeks. Perhaps some outdoor time, or a kick of the footy in between study sessions?

Over the past few weeks, students have been offered the opportunity to complete a PIVOT survey during class time. This survey provides direct feedback to the classroom teacher and this data is then shared with the class. We encourage our staff to then work together with their classes to celebrate the things going well and consider how to improve areas identified for improvement.

At the time of writing, 50 of our Year 10 students and five staff are travelling through Tasmania. This is a terrific camp, and we are fortunate to be able to visit some of the most wonderful natural wonders of this country. From all reports to date, the camp has been a positive experience, seeing and visiting some of the major highlights the state has to offer.

Recently the Year 7-10 Parent Teacher Student interviews were conducted with an opportunity for parents/guardians to attend onsite, or via our online option. It was pleasing to see so many families onsite giving me the opportunity to have many positive conversations with parents/guardians and students. Irrespective of academic performance, the one aspect that we can all control is our effort and commitment. This requires no talent but a can-do attitude and the want to do ones best. This is a great work habit to review when considering interim and semester reports. Often the link between academic success and effort is very strong.

The building work has progressed exceptionally well in recent weeks and the team at ARC3 will use the term break to make even further progress. Q Constructions have also set up their temporary fencing around the front of the school gym and this work will start in earnest over the term break. We look forward to the refurbishment of the gym entrance, toilets, and showers. I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the excellent behaviour of our students’ during this disruptive time. With so many areas of the College essentially a construction zone, the patience and understanding shown by our students, especially through some very narrow pathways, has been very pleasing. It’s great to see our RIL values in action.

Finally, I wish all families a safe and happy term break. I hope you have the chance to get away and enjoy some quality time with loved ones. On behalf of the school community, we also wish Ms Valerie Zivcic the best of luck as she takes maternity leave!

Arthur Soumalias



School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Monday 2nd OctoberTerm 4 Commences
Monday 16th OctoberLast day of Year 12 Classes
Tuesday 17th OctoberYear 12 Celebrations and lunch
Tuesday 24th OctoberVCAA English exam
Monday 30th OctoberSchool Council Meeting


Salvation Army Excursion

Our Year 11 VCE VM class recently attended the Salvation Army Homelessness workshop. The purpose of the program is to heighten the awareness and understanding of homelessness and poverty in Australia. Students are given an overview of the issue including statistics, causes and the impact on people when they are disadvantaged. Additionally, they are educated on the reality of homelessness and the program aims to challenge stereotypes and foster empathy for those who are experiencing difficult circumstances.

Our presenter, Chloe started her workshop by defining homelessness: “Not having access to secure, long term and safe accommodation”. She then outlined the causes, statistics, facts, and myths related to homelessness.

The students learnt that there are 122,494 homeless people in Australia. The causes of homelessness are diverse and often intersectional. These include family and domestic violence, job loss, housing affordability, and family breakdown. All these factors, or a combination of them, can contribute to short-term or ongoing homelessness.

The class was then taken on a guided city walking tour, highlighting the alleyways and public places where the homeless “sleep rough”. Ironically, they (people who sleep rough), only make up 6 per cent of homeless population, but our perception is that this group represent a higher proportion of the homeless. This part of the excursion was an eye-opener. We visited several locations where people try and find some temporary shelter, including Treasury gardens (where, ironically, the backdrop is two 5-star hotels: the Hotel Windsor and the Park Hyatt). The distinction between rich and poor was evident. Chloe told us real stories about real people at each location. One story was about a homeless man called Brian. He developed a blister on his foot and kept putting socks on top of each other to cover his foot and to give him comfort. One night, he woke up feeling unwell. He could not handle the pain anymore, so he went to the emergency room at St Vincent’s Hospital. The doctors took off one sock after another, until they had finally removed all the socks and they found that his foot had turned black, Brian had gangrene. His leg was amputated. Brian’s story highlighted the challenges the homeless face with issues that would not ordinarily be a problem for us.

The Salvation Army excursion is a confronting one for our students. It exposes them to people who have had challenging lives – some, through no fault of their own. In addition to understanding the homelessness issue, we feel this experience highlighted the need for tolerance and compassion towards those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ms Vicki Handris


Year 11 Assembly

On Monday, during the Year 11 assembly, coordinators focused on student wellbeing, in particular, preparing for assessments.

The team covered topics like effective studying and test taking, avoiding test anxiety and relaxation techniques.

Thank-you to the Year 11 student leaders who helped present Endeavor Awards as well as Academic Awards to their peers.

The student leaders also guided the year level through a task regarding using positive coping strategies.

The assembly was a success, and we wish all year 11 students a safe and relaxed term break. See you in term 4!

Mrs Morabito and Ms Zivcic


Moon Festival BBQ Event

We are excited to share a heart-warming event organized by the Rosehill Secondary College's International Student Program (ISP). In the spirit of the upcoming Moon Festival, our international students were treated to a special BBQ during lunchtime at the E3 backyard.

On this occasion, Mr. Soumalias, our dedicated principal, donned the chef's hat and cooked up a storm to make our international students feel cherished and at home.

The Moon Festival, a time for togetherness and celebration, is significant for many of our international students who are far from their families. This event aimed to create a sense of belonging and unity within our diverse school community.

Under the open sky, amidst laughter and delicious food, students from various backgrounds came together to experience the warmth and unity of the Moon Festival. This event highlighted the power of cultural exchange and highlighted the rich diversity within our school.

Our commitment to making international students feel at home is a cornerstone of Rosehill Secondary College. Events like these are a testament to our dedication to celebrating diversity and fostering a strong sense of community.

As we approach the official Moon Festival on 29th September 2023, let us continue to embrace and appreciate the unique cultural tapestry that makes Rosehill Secondary College a truly special place.

Nan Li



Family & Friends in Trades

Headstart is an Education Department program operating in all Government Secondary Schools across Victoria, whose objective is to help Secondary School students start an Apprenticeship whilst they are completing their Secondary Schooling.

With the school’s assistance, Headstart assess a student’s suitability and readiness to begin an Apprenticeship and then look for a quality local business to give the student a work trial, which if successful leads to a School Based Apprenticeship.

Do you have a business or work for a business that is looking for apprentices? Local networking is key for small businesses today.

We have students from schools in the Essendon, Keilor, Strathmore, and surrounding suburbs that are looking to start their careers while finishing their secondary school studies.

You get a part time apprentice to teach and inspire in your trade.

If this interests, you please email or call Head Start Coordinator Kylie Martin for more information. or 0493 712 973

Alfio Raiti


Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience

Congratulations to our Year 10 Students for participating in the Work Experience Program during the last two weeks of Term 2.

Placements varied in their work type, location, work environment, and programs offered. Students performed many different activities and they got to see what the job they had chosen was really like. They obtained some insight into the skills the job requires and whether they were suited to it. Some students were offered part-time employment. We hope their experience inspires them to think about their future career; and that they continue to broaden their knowledge of the different careers available to them and the various pathways students take to get there.

A special thanks to all the employers who participated in our program and supported our students. We thank all parents and the Year 10 ID teachers who helped students in preparing for their placements. Thank you to all the staff who visited our students whilst they were out on Work Experience.

Ms Nadia Vossos


For work experience I decided to work at my old primary school, I started on a Monday and continued for 2 weeks. I was put in a year one classroom where I helped students finish their work, correct their work, read to them and create new classroom resources.

I spent my lunch breaks in the staff room where I bonded with the teachers and even reunited with ones that taught me. My year six teacher had heard I was doing work experience at the school, so she came down and I reunited with her. When the kids had PE, Art, Performance studies I would go with them. The kids would always sit around me and draw me pictures to take home.

When I got hungry on my breaks I would sign out at the front of the office and walk to the milk bar across from the school. I visited my little cousin’s classroom who is currently in year 6 and saw his class presentation and went around to see other students, there work ethic was amazing for their age. Overall, it was a good experience and from this I know that teaching young kids as a primary school teacher is in my options.

Gizelle Kassem

My year 10 work experience at Bayside Group Recruitment was amazing. It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of a corporate team and experience how people work together in a corporate environment.

Some of my tasks included research & compiling data information on candidates. I was also able to work in different departments within the business such as marketing and reception.

In two weeks of work experience, I gained valuable experience and knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the people I worked with who also took me for lunch on my last day at the office!

Siam Bertuna

For work experience I went to two places, Ben Caroll, and Bill Shorten. This is my experience:

Ben Caroll’s office was a fairly busy place The “work” included putting advertising things in letters, writing a report, and writing up a manifesto. The office is located on Keilor Road.

At Bill Shorten’s office I did some work about the government, I learnt quite a lot. I had to make a presentation about the cultural diversity of Maribyrnong.

I had fun meeting Josh Spiegel, Rod, and many other workers. I did not meet Bill Shorten

Arianit Fazliu

The Melbourne Careers Show

The Year 10 students enjoyed an excursion to the Melbourne Career Show on Friday 14th July.

Students had the opportunity to speak to representatives from Universities, TAFE, and various Education providers and Employment industries.

Students gained further knowledge into the world of employment and further studies, equipping them to make more informed decisions about future career choices.

Jayne Susnjara



On July 20th we took 40 students from Year 10 and 11 to Moonee Valley for the Try A Trade Expo. The students had a great time participating in workshops and speaking to various TAFEs and Employers.

Victorian State School Spectacular

Congratulations to Zoe Brown of Year 10 for her participation in the Victorian State School Spectacular as a principal dancer.

Zoe auditioned for the role earlier in the year and has been training all year for her performances which took place on Saturday 9th September. She certainly made her mark on stage dancing alongside other principal dancers but it was her huge smile, energy and passion that shined through.

Congratulations Zoe! The Rosehill Secondary College community is so proud of you and know that this is the beginning of a very successful future in the performing arts.

Keep an eye out for the televised presentation of the Victorian State School Spectacular on Channel 7, later this year.

Miss Wasif



Young Creative Leader Award

Congratulations to Lillian Peck of Year 11 for being a finalist in the Young Creative Leader Award section for Hume City Council. Lillian is an enthusiastic performing arts student who has played an important role in many of Rosehill Secondary’s College’s productions, musicals and dance concerts. She is a wonderful role model to younger students and is currently completing Year 11 VCE Dance.

Well done Lillian, the Rosehill Secondary College community is so proud of you!

Miss Wasif



Science Week 2023

Rosehill Secondary College celebrated National Science week in August. The theme for 2023 was “Innovation – Powering future industries”.

The week kicked off with a friendly competition of ‘science scavenger hunt’ - students were given a list of clues and had to run around the school to find as many items as possible. The winners for 2023 are Chloe Kennedy and Klarisa Cicolli from 7E. Congratulations 😊

Other activities students took part in include Rocket Science, Tea Making, Dancing with the Robot and VR club.

Year 7 students also attended the AI Academy incursion – where they learn about advances in technology and the ways in which STEM is leading our future study and career pathways. Year 9 students attended the Bad Science show incursion that encourages them to think critically about who they can believe and what science they can trust (can you really bend the spoon with your mind? Or how about walking on broken glass with bare feet!)

Throughout the week students also participated in a daily quiz, and this year's winners – with the highest score and fastest time – are Maki Chu of 9E and Rusira Danwatta Liyanage of 12A. Congratulations!

Don’t worry – teachers didn’t miss out on the fun – as we celebrated the week with a dress up day, Science morning tea and Trivia challenge! Mr Tetradis won the best dressed in his bee costume and Mr Patch is our 2023 Trivia champion!

Science week is all about fostering a love for Science, sparking curiosity, and showcasing the incredible world of STEM fields. We hope you enjoyed the activities and engaged in the quizzes this year – and bring on 2024!

Stay curious, innovative and keep exploring.

Ms Anderson


Stem Excursion

On Friday the 8th September, Ms Anderson and Ms Chapman took our Year 9 STEP class to Quantum Victoria to have fun with new ideas surrounding the STEM program. The staff team took us through three tasks involving viruses and the effects surrounding it and quick thinking skills and also introduced us to Biology.

The first task in the Epidemiology Lab, the staff ran us through a simulation where we could adjust settings in an alien apocalypse to see how we could escape alive! This simulation was supposed to be compared to the COVID-19 pandemic and we explored which prevention matter would be successful in a zombie apocalypse/virus pandemic.

The second task, Qubes, was considered the funnest by everyone in our class where we dressed in Hazmat Suits and were given a special Cube to ‘download data’ to save a hypothetical guy who was stuck in an after- apocalypse setting. Bases for the cube were set around the classroom and we had to use our quick-thinking abilities to determine what to do to save the man. It was a very creative and fun activity that had the whole class thinking and having fun at the same time.

The third task in the Genetics Lab, the staff had us briefly study DNA structure and answer questions on their laptops which was quite hard but still a nice introduction to Biology and DNA strands.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day and beneficial for the whole class. Thank you to Ms Anderson, Ms Chapman and the Maths/Science team for organising the day!

Nethasha Silva, 9E