About Our Library

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday 8.20am – 4.30pm
Friday 8.20am – 4.00pm

The library is a vibrant, active and welcoming place. We strive to:

  • Anticipate the needs and interests of the whole school community
  • Be open, inviting and relevant
  • Be a place that encourages the imagination and exchange of ideas
  • Be a place that celebrates knowledge and learning
  • Provide a comfortable, neutral and stress free space for all the school community
  • Build supportive and strong relationships that will benefit the staff and students of the library.

The library strives to provide materials that will enrich and support the curriculum. Taking into consideration students' varied interests, abilities and maturity levels, we provide resources that will stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literacy/literary appreciation, values and ethics. Most importantly, we support the personal enjoyment of reading.

The library has a collection of over 12,000 books. We also provide eBooks, DVDs and audio books. We subscribe to several databases including, NewsBank, a database of Australian Newspapers, ClickView, a digital video library and World Book Encyclopedia. Access is available at school and home.

As a key part of the college, the library has resources to support all learning areas, a wide range of fiction for students to borrow, and provides popular lunch time activities.

After school tuition is offered in the library on Tuesdays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

Catalogue, Loans and eBooks

Use Rosehill Library's online catalogue to stay informed and use the links provided to see what you have on loan, reserve items and search the catalogue for resources.

Go to:
Rosehill Library Catalogue

This will take you to the library’s Catalogue home page. From here, you can stay informed and use the links provided.

Access the Library Catalogue 24/7

Staff and Students can login to the library catalogue. By doing this, you can see what you have on loan, reserve items and search the catalogue for resources. (You do not need to login if you just wish to search).


Username – Is the same as your Compass username
Password – library (You may change this once you have logged in)


Username – TO Number
Password – rosehillsc (You may change this once you have logged in)

Borrowing eBooks and Audiobooks

You can borrow an eBook or Audiobook at school or at home by using the following link https://rosehill.wheelers.co

  • To sign in use your Student ID and the password will be library1
  • Download the software for your device from the Rosehill/Wheelers homepage
  • You will need to be logged in to borrow but can search freely
  • Loans automatically expire. You can return your loans early if completed
  • Over 1900 titles to choose from