Principal's Report

The first 4 weeks of term have come and gone, and the midpoint of this term is upon us!

Consistent Predicable Routines (CPR)

I can report that we have had a terrific start to the year, and it is pleasing to see so many well organised and committed students. As mentioned previously there is a strong focus on Consistent Predictable Routines (CPR) in every class, every day. On Tuesday, 27th February, all staff will be involved in Day 2 of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). We look forward to incorporating our new learnings into our daily practice.

Mobile Phone Policy

I remind parents of our mobile phone policy which can be found on our website. Phones and EarPods and similar devices are to be stored away during school hours. Thank you for your support.


The importance of attending school every day cannot be emphasised enough. It is not okay to be away! A hot day is not an excuse to stay home - the school has refrigerated cooling in every room and students are permitted to bring their water bottle to class.

Homework Programs

The college has several after school homework programs available. These sessions are supervised with teaching staff, and they are provided to support your children. Please use this resource if you think your child could benefit from some additional structured homework time.

Student Leadership Day

Last week I was invited to attend the Student Leadership Day. Leaders from Year 7 to 10 presented their recommendations to me at the end of the day. I was suitably impressed with the thought and consideration given to the ideas generated and presented and I have no doubt that we will be able to deliver on many of these suggestions over the course of this year. Well done to all the student leaders, Ms Hart and all the staff who helped facilitate this terrific day.

Swimming Carnival

Next Friday, 1st March is our swimming carnival. This is an important day in our school calendar, and we look forward to seeing all students attending and participating on the day. There are many activities on offer, so even less capable swimmers can earn points for their house by taking part in non-swimming games and events. All students must travel to the venue by bus. Any student who wishes to be dismissed from the venue at the end of the day must present a signed note, from their parent/guardian, by Monday afternoon, February 26.

International Student Barbeque

On Friday, 9th February we had a terrific barbeque for our international students to celebrate the Chinese New Year - the year of the Dragon! I was well prepared (see below) and spent a good few hours cooking a variety of meats for a very hungry bunch! Thank you to Ms Li and Ms Shan in organising the event.

School Council Elections

The process for the School Council Elections has now been completed. Thank you to the parents, staff and students who nominated and will be part of the new School Council. The first meeting will be held on Monday 25th March 2024.

Facilities Update

  • Gym/ECA

As many would be aware, there has been a significant amount of building works occurring throughout the college.

  • The Gym has had a significant upgrade to the foyer, toilets and changerooms. This work is now complete, and we hope to be using this new space next week.

In addition, the Gym roof is being replaced. This work started in early January but due to unforeseen delays is still in progress. It is slow, complex, and difficult work with the roofers having only a harness to keep them secure. We anticipate the completion of the roof by early March. I thank the Health and PE staff for their patience during this time.

  • Music Room – H1

The old music room, H1, has also just had its roof replaced this week. This space is no longer our music room but will be used as a classroom in the short term.

  • Portable Classrooms

Most portables and relocatables have had new windows installed, new tactile landings replaced, and handrails have been freshly painted.

  • Performing Arts Centre

The new Performing Art Centre is partially complete, and we have been teaching in this space from Day 1. The Auditorium is now also finished, and we are awaiting the final Occupancy Certificate prior to full handover. We are very excited about this new building and our performing arts team can’t wait to start using it daily.

Block A

The final stage of these works involves an upgrade to A Block. The old external cladding has been removed and most of the internals have been guttered. The roof is to be raised and the space to be modernised. The completion time for this work is mid-year. I look forward to seeing this work finished and having access to the entire school and all our facilities in the not-too-distant future. I wish to acknowledge our students and staff for their patience and understanding during the past 18 months.

School Wide Reading Program

Finally, as many parents/guardians are aware we have a school wide reading program which is an important priority for our college. I urge you to promote the love of reading to our children. Discuss books, encourage them to read hard copies of material, and if you can, provide a nice quiet place for them to read and zone out…….

This summer I read several books, both gifts from staff. I found The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt an intriguing read and highlighted the different path one’s life can take in a single moment. The second book I read is a new take on the classic story of Jason and the Argonauts by Tony Whitefield. This is written with the mythology removed and maps the likely journey, and story that occurred thousands of years ago. I had Google maps on standby as I was tracking their journey through the Aegean Sea, The Sea of Marmara (modern day Turkey), through the Bosporus Strait and into the Black Sea and all the way to modern day Georgia. What an epic journey it was!

I have just commenced reading I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. This book was recommended by our head of English, Ms Bruckard. I’ll be sure to provide a review upon completion!

Arthur Soumalias



School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Monday 26th FebruarySchool Council Meeting
Tuesday 27th FebruaryCurriculum Day - Pupil Free Day
Friday 1st MarchSwimming Carnival
Monday 11th MarchLabour Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 13th MarchYear 7 & 9 Naplan Writing
Thursday 14th MarchYear 7 & 9 Naplan Reading

Year 7 Naplan Language Conventions Test

Friday 15th MarchYear 9 Naplan Language Conventions Test

Year 7 Naplan Numeracy



Dear Parents/Caregivers,

If you have a current Health Care Card or Pension Card, you may be eligible for the Camps/Sport/Excursions Fund (CSEF) payment. This funding can be used towards excursions, camps and sporting activities that run throughout the year at Rosehill.

If you applied for CSEF in 2023, and are a current student, you do not need to complete an application form unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

You will only need to submit a new application form in 2024 if any of the following changes occurred:

  • New student enrolments
  • Change in family circumstances.

Schools can accept and process applications up until the end of term two each year. CSEF payments are made to schools from March onwards.

Application forms are available via the department’s website, at the College Reception, or click on tab to access. Please complete and return this form to us along with a copy of your valid concession card.

Applications for 2024 will close in June 2024.

Levena Hayes



Year 8 Art Work

RSA & Practices for Food Safety

As part of VCEVM the Year 12 students will be completing short courses throughout the year that will contribute towards their program. The first course was on Tuesday 13th February where students completed two short courses: Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) and Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety. Hopefully, once our students finish Year 12, they will be able to use the worthwhile skills they have learnt in the workforce.

Alfio Raiti


Digital Thumbprint Presentation 2024

We recently welcomed Digital Thumbprint to deliver their workshops to our VM Year 11 students. Our facilitator Dom delivered a program which was fun and engaging. The interactive workshops were designed to empower and inform students about the advantages of having a positive online presence and arm them with the vital information they need to stay safe online.

Students were encouraged to always think before posting or sharing personal information online. Digital technology has invaded every aspect and corner of our lives. It is impossible to interact in the digital world without leaving a trace in cyberspace. If you want to have a good chance at finding a job, students were told you should make sure your online persona is employable. Employers these days often run a background check on their potential employees in terms of their online presence. They will scan the job applicants’ digital identities even before scheduling an interview. Unless you want employers to have a negative impression of you based on your social media profiles, we were told it is worth taking time to clean your digital footprint before applying for a job.

Dom gave many practical examples of online postings that had a negative impact. Students were encouraged to be mindful of the information they share with the “world”. Dom suggested that they regularly Google themselves, check privacy settings and avoid posting anything they’d rather the world didn’t see. That way they will be secure in the knowledge that employers won’t see anything embarrassing or difficult to explain.

Overall, the presentation proved to be a highly beneficial experience for our students. Hopefully, they will be responsible and proactive members of our online community.

Vicki Handris


Celebrating Lunar New Year

At Rosehill Secondary College, diversity is not just a concept; it is a celebration of the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our student body. On Friday 9th February we had the pleasure of hosting a vibrant Lunar New Year celebration, honouring the traditions of our international students, and fostering a sense of belonging for everyone in our community.

The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most significant holidays in many Asian cultures, marking the beginning of a new lunar calendar year. It is a time for families to come together, share meals, exchange blessings, and usher in prosperity and good fortune for the year ahead.

To commemorate this auspicious occasion, Rosehill Secondary College organized a special barbecue event, where students gathered to enjoy delicious food, lively music, and the company of friends. The aroma of sizzling barbecue filled the air as students indulged in mouth watering dishes, exchanging stories and laughter under the bright February sky.

The atmosphere was filled with joy and warmth as students from diverse cultural backgrounds came together to celebrate in unity. It was heartening to witness the spirit of inclusivity and acceptance that permeates our school community, where every student is valued and respected for their unique identity.

As a school that embraces cultural diversity, Rosehill Secondary College is committed to creating an environment where every student feels like they belong. We believe that by celebrating festivals like Lunar New Year, we not only honour the traditions of our international students but also enrich the cultural fabric of our school community.

On behalf of Rosehill Secondary College, we extend our warmest wishes to all those who celebrate Lunar New Year. May the Year of the Dragon bring you abundance, prosperity, and happiness.

Nan Li


Maths - Science After School Study Session

Rosehill's Maths - Science study session is back this year!

This year, the program will be running on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm in the welcoming space of our School Library.

Come along on your own or with a study group to receive help to complete your homework.

Please contact Ms Sharma for more information. See you there!

After-School Tuition Program

Rosehill's After-School Tuition Program is ready to kick off for another year!

This year, the program will be running on Monday afternoons from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the Rosehill Library. Come along on your own or with a study group to receive help from teachers and senior students, or simply to find a quiet place to complete your homework.

Please contact Ms Beechey for more information. See you there!

Newsletter, Issue 2-2024 - 23 Feb 2024


School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.