The new Victorian High-Ability Program will see high-ability Years 7 and 8 students across Victorian government schools participate in a 10-week virtual enrichment program. Only students who have been selected by the Department of Education and Training are able to participate in the program.

The program focuses on tasks that stimulate students’ critical thinking, problem solving and creativity – enriching their understanding of English and Mathematics. VHAP will not focus on accelerating students through core Victorian Curriculum content. Students will be pushed out of their learning comfort zone. Research has shown that highly able students thrive when surrounded by like-minded peers. In the virtual classroom, students will be able to connect with like-minded peers from across Victoria, enabling them to extend each other academically and personally.


Students who participate in VHAP will be provided with the opportunity to meet other students in their local area who are undertaking the same course, in a face-to-face masterclass (may be virtually delivered if necessary). These masterclasses will provide opportunities for students to connect with like-minded peers across the state in order to reflect on their experiences and delve further into some of the big ideas of the course. These masterclasses will require students to undertake an excursion for up to one day of regular class time.