Principal's Report

Year 10 Work Experience

In recent weeks I’ve had the pleasure of signing and approving close to a hundred Year 10 work experience forms. As one of the few schools that still offer two weeks of work experience, I’d like to congratulate the students who have sourced a placement and have displayed terrific organisational skills. I am always surprised at some of the unique placements secured and this year is no different. A sample of placements that students will attend include:

Council Work, Medical Clinics, Astrophysics, The University of Melbourne, Law Firm, Finance, Teaching, Real Estate, Hardware store, Building and Construction, Electrical Work, Kindergarten, Health and Fitness, and Fencing, just to name a few.

Top Designs

Congratulations to Alexandra Jacobson (Year 12, 2022). Alexandra was one of only 15 students in the state to achieve this feat. Attached is an image of Alexandra’s work, along with the Top Designs promotion image. You can view her work at the Melbourne Museum. Details below.

Dates: 25th March – 9th July 2023

Location: Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Price: Included with Museum entry.

Adult: $15

Senior: $10

Members, Students, Children and Concession - Free

Link: Top Designs 2023 - Melbourne Museum (

PIVOT Survey

Over the next few weeks students will have an opportunity to complete a PIVOT survey for each class. This survey provides direct feedback to their classroom teacher. The College uses this data to make decisions on what’s working well and what areas we need to identify for improvement. It is vitally important that children complete the survey honestly, with thought and reflection.

Once finished, the de-identified results are collated and provided to the classroom teacher. Staff are encouraged to discuss these results with their classes and highlight one or two areas for improvement.

This process of working together and using direct student feedback to make improvements is one small part of our student voice and agency key improvement strategy.

Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews

Rosehill’s Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will be conducted on Tuesday 4th April from 11:00am – 4:00pm onsite and then 5:00pm – 7:00pm online via google meet. A compass post explaining the booking process will be sent in due course.

Building Update

The inclusive reading and learning space just outside the library is almost at handover stage. I met with the project management team late last week for a walk through and once the small number of defects are rectified, we will have access to that area. This will be a space to be used not only by classes from the library but also for select students during recess and lunch.

The new school car park is also almost at handover stage. The asphalt has been laid and line marking complete. We are waiting on the lights and new stairs to be finalised before we have access to this space. The C wing works are now progressing well with most of the inground services complete. Once the concrete slab is poured it won’t be long before the framing and structure appears.

Recently, I also met with the project team upgrading our Gym toilets and showers. A new design has been finalised and after consulting with students from our Pride Group, we have now included a gender-neutral toilet and change room into the design. These works are yet to go to tender, so a school contribution may be required to make these changes viable. I will provide updates as they become available.

College Values - RIL

Finally, I have once again included the College RIL matrix for your information. This is an important document for our school community, and we encourage all members of our community; students, staff, and parents to be familiar with these behaviours and values.

Arthur Soumalias



School Policies have been updated in line with Department of Education and Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority requirements. Parents may review these on the school website Our School > Policies > Minimum Standards Compliance – June 2022.


Monday 27th MarchSchool Council Meeting
Tuesday 28th MarchStep 2024 Information Evening 6.30pm-7.30pm
Wednesday 29th MarchRosefest Carnival
Tuesday 4th AprilYear 7 to Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

12 noon - 7.30pm

Pupil Free Day

Thursday 6th AprilEnd of Term 1

School finishes at 2.30pm

Friday 7th April

Good Friday
Monday 24th AprilTerm 2 Commences
Tuesday 25th AprilAnzac Day

Thursday 4th May

Open Day

Year 8 Phillip Island Camp

Where did we go, when did we go and how long did we go for?

100 students in Year 8 got to stay at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort from Wednesday the 8th of February to Friday the 10th of February. As one of the very lucky students who got to attend this camp, I am very grateful we got to go and do all the very fun activities we did as we are only Year 8s so we were very lucky to get such an amazing camp. It was also a very good way to start the New Year in a positive way.

What activities did we do at camp?

At camp there were many fun activities such as high ropes, raft making, canoeing, trivia, surfing, team rescue, beach walk, and going to A Maze N Things where we got to go through a maze, play mini golf, go through magic manor and Puzzle Island. The hardest out of all the activities was probably surfing as it was a lot of fun but it was also very challenging. When I did it, at the start I had no idea what I was doing and I remember seeing Ms Riquelme doing really well so I thought she surely had lots of practice and had done this before. When I started talking to her about how good she was she told me to go ask one of the surfing coaches for help and so I did. The woman who had started helping me was so nice and as many times as I failed she always reassured me that I was getting better each turn. After some practice I decided to have a couple of tries by myself. I went out deep where all the major waves were so in case a big wave came I wouldn't miss it. I jumped on the surfboard as soon as I saw a big wave and started paddling, thinking I would probably fail like the other attempts but I actually stood up extremely quickly and I was standing for a good 6 seconds. It was weird how I could have gone from not even trying because I was so scared of failing to actually trying and doing really well.

Some other really fun activities we did that I knew everyone enjoyed was team rescue as it made us all work together and everybody had to help and be involved in some way which was a really good way to get everybody talking to different people and making new friends. Canoeing was also a very challenging activity because you had to work with the other person to make sure you wouldn't fall in the water. Even though Angelina, Leanne and I tipped over twice, it was still really fun and it really challenged us in a positive way.

Marika Pahos


Year 10 Interdisciplinary Studies

As part of our Year 10 Interdisciplinary Studies, we are currently studying Civics and Citizenship to gain a deeper understanding on the significance of Democracy at a local, state, and federal level.

We were given an opportunity in Week 6 to learn how to make a difference and hear from our local and state government representatives, Mayor of Moonee Valley Cr Pierce Tyson, Deputy Mayor Cr Samantha Byrne, and The Hon. Ben Carroll MP.

Whilst the Year 10 leaders prepared the VCE centre for our guest speakers, our school captains Madelynne Lyons and Zahlia Meroka, as well as our vice-captain Rusira Tharinda Danwatta Liyanage hosted the event.

Each of the representatives outlined their role as a politician, the issues in which they see most relevant or difficult for young people at their levels of government, as well as what they believe is the most effective way for our students to be advocates for change.

During the question and answer session of the event, the Year 10 students were able to contribute, voice their inquiries and have those questions addressed.

We greatly appreciate each representative for offering their valuable time in order to speak and to inspire us to be active citizens in the future.

Writers: Ruby Vaughan 10D, Samara Gallone 10D, Stella Berkley 10D

Photographers: Delcine Li 10E, Taylor Reece 10D

Japanese - Language Exchange Session

On 10th of March, 22 students of Japanese participated in a language exchange session with students from our sister school, Kogakkan Junior High School in Japan.

This time, Year 10 students participated in the special presentations on Meet conducted by our sister school students in English. Their presentations were about Japanese festivals.

After each presentation, students at the college asked a few questions and enjoyed having conversations in both English and Japanese.

Students from both schools enjoyed the real time communication so much that they asked for more sessions in the future.

Students who participated in the session were Haroula BINDEVIS, Lucas CHECINSKI, Alazais DE LEON, Samara GALLONE, Amy GOODALL, Hannah HA, Levent HAMIT, Olivia KARANTONIS, Delcine LI, Hesanya NAMBAGODAGE, Anikan PEIRIS, Omer PETRO, Jasen RAMIENTAS, Ethan ROBERTS, Brendan RUTLEDGE, Kabir SHAH, Sam SONSON, Justin STEELE, Aryanna THAKKAR, Aimon TRAN, Blake WRIGHT and Dewi YASA.

I would like to thank Mr Hattori from our sister school for organising this presentation.

Takanori Hayakawa


Breakfast Club

Student Presentation to Junior Staff

A few weeks ago, a group of the Junior student leaders and I volunteered to speak at a Junior School staff meeting. We had the opportunity to speak in front of teachers of Years 7 & 8 about the student's perspective of how the classroom works. We were quite nervous speaking in front of all our teachers.

Our presentation was about what teachers could start and change about their teaching habits. We wanted to share with the teachers about the things that could help them understand the students more in class to focus or behave well. Some suggestions we had for the teachers to start doing more of in class is to provide us with more independent time to do our work and not spend too much time explaining & demonstrating concepts.

We also believe we are engaged when teachers relate the topic to our lives. Some strategies that we suggested were effective in keeping our attention for 72 minutes were group activities such as “Think, Pair, Share” tasks and mid-lesson brain breaks. The Junior school meeting was an important opportunity for us to express student voice and perspective into staff discussions.

I believe our presentation was effective as a few days after the meeting, my Maths teacher mentioned in class that, “Locy told me not to talk so much when I'm explaining the work.” Obviously, he was just joking when he said that, but it was great to see that my teacher listened to what we shared, considered our opinion and then implemented the strategy in the classroom.

Locy Lam